Friday, September 30, 2011


Every single day, Gary has cereal. Two bowls when he comes in from the barn and then two bowl right before bed. That is a lot of cereal. I have estimated that one large box, lasts about 1 1/2 weeks. I should clarify, he only eats Bran Flakes. There is no substitution. No Honey Nut Cheerios, no Shredded Wheat, no Honey Bunches Of Oats. Just Bran Flakes. 
 I do not like Bran Flakes. I will eat them if you make me, or if I decide for 5 minutes I want to eat healthy breakfast. Blah. You have to eat them sooo fast or else you have soggy bran-y mush and that is a consistency that I just can not swallow. 

Back 11months ago, when Gary and I got married, I knew this about him. What I didn't know was how this was only a glimpse into the crazy things he does. (crazy in the most loving way of course) 
I think in the past two weeks, I have said to him " you are just insane!" so many times...I can't even count. 
I usually laugh, shake my head, and then wonder what our kids are going to be like. 

When ever I tell Gary he is insane, his most common response is " hahaha honeyyy, its not that bad, your forgetting about how good I am to you hahaha, remember last night we went out for quality time and I bought you ice cream, you should blog about this. You are sooo funny when you are frustrated, your hair just bops around and you say funny things" 

ps. Quality time when he bought me ice cream was going across the boarded to look at cows and we stopped at a dairy store so Gary could go to the bathroom and I bought myself ice cream and then we looked at cows for 2 hours and then came home. Obviously, this was a date night...
Seriously, he says my hair "bops" around. and then he can't stop laughing.  I usually laugh too. It makes it hard being frustrated. 

Anyways. Gary's strict cereal  preferences are a metaphor for his life...unexpected, strange and a little over the top

And if cereal is a metaphor for Gary's life...
Maybe it is for mine too...
I bought Halloween Captain Crunch. Its like candy for breakfast. 
I would be lying, if I said the fact that the ghosts turn the milk green wasn't a selling feature. 
Marketing companies really know how to suck me in. 

My Cereal shelf also contains Mini Wheats

Honey Puffed Kashi ( Basically Sugar Crisp...with a little less sugar) 

Apple Cinnamon Cheerios

 I also have instant chocolate oatmeal and 2 varieties of granola. Unfortunately I do not usually eat cereal or yogurt or anything like that for breakfast. I much prefer pie. 

I am not sure what this says about me other then the fact the I like to eat sweet stuff. Perhaps that I am a bad decision maker? 

I really just wanted to show you my Halloween Captain Crunch. Its tasty. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Whipped Cream Disaster

The other day I made Gingerbread Scones. They were so amazing, and perfectly spiced and sweet, but not too sweet. I was impressed with myself and Allrecipes for another tasty dessert.

[gingerbread scone in limited day light]

I couldn't just eat a scone and be happy though. I wanted to improve my skills or learn something new. I decided to try caramelizing pears. Sounds easy enough. And it totally was. I didn't take any pictures, but basically you melt butter in the frying pan, throw in your pear quarters and soften a bit then add some brown sugar and cook till the sauce is thick and the pears are tender. Easy peasy.

Then this happened...
I just wanted to whip a little bit of whipped cream to top my tasty dessert. 
Apparently my container was a bit too small. 
My computer is still sticky. So is my phone.

Facebook is open...yes. 
Messy hair, grade 12 PE shirt, disaster kitchen...everyday life. 

It looks kinda gross. 
It tasted really good though! mmm

So finally, here is the recipe for the scones. Add pears, add whipped cream, or just eat with some butter and a pumpkin spice latte. Mmm. 

Gingerbread Scones, adapted from 

2 cups Flour
1/4 cup Brown Sugar
2 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Ground Ginger 
1/2 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 tsp Salt 
1/2 tsp Cinnamon 
1/4 cup Cold Butter
1/3 cup Molasses 
1/4 cup Milk 
1 egg
Sugar  for sprinkle over top 

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F
2. In a large bowl, combine flour, brown sugar, baking powder, ginger, baking soda, salt and cinnamon. 
3. Cut in cold butter until it is the consistency of course crumbs. 
4. In a separate bowl, combine all the wet ingredients until smooth. 
5. Add to flour mixture and stir till just moistened. 
6. Turn out onto a floured surface and kneed a couple of times. If the dough is way to sticky, add a bit more flour about 1 tbsp at a time. 
7. Pat out into a circle about 1/2 inch thick and cut into wedges. ( I pat into a rectangle and cut with a biscuit cutter to get round scones. ) 
8. Place onto a greased or parchment lined cookie sheet. Brush with milk then sprinkle with sugar. 
9. Place in the freezer for 5 minutes and then take directly to preheated oven. 
10. Bake for 10-15 minutes until they bounce back slightly when touched. 
 * serve warm with whipped cream or butter, cream cheese icing on top would also be amazing* 

Friday, September 16, 2011

When "Bake Zucchini Cake" is on Your To-Do List, Your Bound to Get at Least One Thing Done

I need lists. I am probably the biggest procrastinator you know. I can waste too much time on Facebook, Pinterest , and blogs that I get nothing done for hours!

So I make lists. Every morning while I eat breakfast and check Facebook, I make my list of things that need doing that day. Usually there is at least one house cleaning item, dinner, some yard work and some impossible task that getting written down day after day and never actually gets done. ie. paint the living room, clean the fridge, go to the bottle depot ( I hate going to the bottle like...wahoo I am going to bring in all these bottles and cans I have been saving all this time and get some money and then I can feel awesome...and then you go and empty out the sticky bags and take all the lids off the bottles and sort all the different sizes and then bring them up to the counter and they ring it through..."and you get $4.67 back today, don't spend it all in one place!" gee...thanks...)  . Anyways, that was a little side note.

So yesterday I started my day by making a list...

 Yeah, its messy...but really who else was supposed to read it? For about 30 seconds I considered making a nice neat one and fakin' it for the picture...but this is real life. 

I like how I felt the need to clarify that I only "sort of" needed groceries. Meaning, of course, that I only needed eggs and cinnamon sticks. 

By the end of the day, I had completed all of the things on my list except cleaning the upstairs bathroom, and reprocessing my unsealed pears. 

I did find it funny that I added "Bake zucchini cake" to the list. Because really...since when did I need to remind myself to bake? It probably would be better if I forgot once in a while. Haha..not likely. 

Anyways, I made the zucchini cake. This was my second time and my oh my..its just so tasty. Just a little chocolatey, and a little zucchini-y and perfectly soft and tender and moist and really really great for breakfast. (But really, what cake isn't?)  Um on the topic of eating cake for breakfast, just the other day, somebody was quite shocked that pie is a regular breakfast item at my (and my parents!) house. I think I have a dessert problem. 

Ugh I keep getting off topic! So I made the cake. And its really really good. And you should totally make it. 

This is what it looks like. Kinda plain, I know. The actual recipe says to top it with chocolate chips, but you know me..always trying to cut down on the sugar, so I left them out. 
Actually I just forgot. And I found it totally tasty this way. 

This recipe I found through Tasty Kitchen  and is actually from another girl/lady's blog, so when that happens I don't generally like to post the recipe on my blog. So here is the LINK . I have not spent too much time on this blog yet, but it looks interesting! She even took step by step pictures! Yay. :) 

Monday, August 29, 2011

If you are still there...

I'm back!!!

Yes, after a 3 month summer break, I have decided I have some time to get back into blogging! 
The main reason for the lonnnggg break, was that I took over doing all of our book keeping work in June and when I began, I was already 6 months behind. So every minute I had of computer time was spent logging onto quickbooks and entering bills and invoices and cheque stubs.With the help of our accountant and his assistant, we are all caught up and brought up to date as of last week! 

My hope is, now that we are caught up, and the summer hay/farming rush is coming to and end, I should be able to blog about life again. 

Its time for a shower, I smell like cows from milking this morning. I think I am going to make something delish for dinner and then tell you allllll about it this evening. 

It feels good to be back! 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sausage On a Bun

My husband is not a picky eater.
He hates carrots and doesn't like mustard. In other words I can make almost anything and he will never complain. 
His favourite meal, he claims, is sausage on a bun. 

How easy is that? 

Its a quick supper that takes very little time to prepare, and is really tasty and man pleasin'.

This time I made homemade Pesto Buns ( I need to make them again so I can post them!) for the Sausage on a Bun dinner, but you could totally use and hamburger bun or deli bun or even bread if you really wanted. 

Our favorite way to prepare them goes like this:

1) Buy pork farmer sausage ( my personal fav) 
2) BBQ sausage till nice and toasty
3) Toast buns while BBQing and slather with mayo, BBQ sauce (and sometime relish and mustard)
4) Slice BBQed sausage into chunks as thin as you like and pile a bunch on prepared bun
5) Top with gouda, cheddar or your favorite cheese. 
6) Tada! dinner is served! Of course adding a salad would never be a bad thing! 

Is this really a recipe? Not really. But we love it and eat it all the time and this is my blog so I can do what I want :) 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Now You Know

Can I share something with you? I mean its not that deep. It wont change your life or anything. 

I hate unloading the dish washer. I don't know why. I just do. So you can imagine, when today I found myself with a small pile of dirty dishes:

And the "clean" light glowing on the dish washer:

I sighed, ate a strawberry dipped in chocolate sauce, checked facebook, checked twitter, then opened the dish washed and did what I had to do. 

I know. Monumental.

Can I share something else with you? 
You may or may not know, Gary (my husband) and I moved about 1 month ago. We live in a super cute and good sized house on a dairy farm we rent. Its great. We had our whole old house all packed up and we were all ready to move. We had rented a farm and a house and we were good to go. About 2 weeks before we were supposed to move, everything fell through. We had to find a new place to live and a new place to milk our cows. We had 2 weeks. ( The reason our deadline was so short was because we had to go to Toronto to film dragons den! It was a crazy time) So 1 week went by. We still had nothing. Not a thing. By the beginning of the second week...we had 6 days to find a place to live and move. I was a big ball of stress. I walked around with my hands in fists constantly. I do that when I am stressed out. 
Case and point, above picture. This is the day ( or 2) before my wedding. There was lots to be done. LOTS. and  my mom made us stop and take a picture. My fists were balled so tight that day. There is about 8 other pictures that my hands look exactly like that. Sheesh I need to calm down. 
Anyways, this is totally beside the point. 
We had no where to move I was stressed out. 
Then we found a farm and it had a house! But the house was going to be rented. Shoot. Then the owner of the house talked to the soon-to-be renter about us moving in instead and the soon-to-be renter said that was ok and we could move there! This happened on Monday. We had to move by Friday. We had NEVER been inside the house. It was a bit scary. 

So on Tuesday we got the keys and I went in the house for the first time. Gary was on Vancouver Island delivering hay and two guys that work for us were loading up trucks to bring all our stuff over. 

The house could have been a disaster. It could have been a mess. It could have been stuck in the 80`s or 70`s or some other era. But it wasn't/ isn't. Its actually amazing. Pretty. Newish. Clean. Big. 

The only room that left me questioning was the office/main-room-off-the-kitchen-thats-weirdly-open-but-not-the-living-room room. 
It looks like and ocean. Sort of. There are waves. And orange trim. 

You thought I was kidding.

I mean, the waves are very nicely done. Perfectly shaped and everything. But really. Waves? The orange trim only goes up half the door. I don't know why. Sooner then later this needs to get painted. Though I am tempted to leave it. People think its funny... sort of. 

Oh and of course there are dogs in the ocean. See: 

Now you know. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Citrus-Mint Granita

I have a fabulous husband. I do.

This is Gary milking our cows for the very first time! 

I was their too...It was evidently a chilly day. 

 He's great. Sometimes he brings me tea ( large earl grey doubledouble from Tim Hortans) or calls me from the Starbucks line to ask what I want. Sometimes he leaves me little notes telling me he loves me or brings me a card and a new plant to try and keep alive. But lately, the best, nicest, thing he does for me? Lets me sleep in through milking.
     As some of you know, a couple of weeks ago ( ? I have no actual idea how long it has feels like forever!) we started milking cows. Our own cows. So obviously we are responsible for seeing that these lovely cows get milked every single day, twice. We milk at 5:30 am and 5:30 pm. So getting up at Well actually its not that bad. Its usually beautiful in the morning at that time. But sleep is definitely lacking. So last night, he said I could sleep in! yay! and sleep I did. I didn't hear the alarm go off, I didn't hear Gary getting ready to go outside, I didn't hear him come back in the house or crawl back into bed. I just slept slept slept till 9:30 am. It was lovely!
( how many times did I say lovely in that paragraph?)

     So now that I am refreshed and well rested, I can do some blog posts! Today is a dreary day but I am bundled up sitting on a big comfy couch on my back porch. with a blanket and my laptop. I am very blessed to have such a good life.

So basically, I have a recipe today! I made grapefruit/tangerine/lemon and mint sorbet/granita yesterday. Its delish, sweet and refreshing. I am going to call it Citrus-mint Granita. Because you could totally use any kind of tangy citrus that you wished.

This recipe is really simple. really. 

Citrus-Mint Granita

1 1/2 cup water
1 1/2 cup sugar
1 1/2 cup fresh squeezed citrus 
( I used 1 large pink grapefruit, 2 tangerines, 1/2 a lemon, I added some of the grapefruit and tangerine pulp too) 
A small handful of fresh mint. ( I used about 1/3 of a cup whole leaves) 

1) Put water and sugar in a pot over medium heat and stir occasionally until all the sugar is melted.

2) Add mint and fruit juice and stir. Bring to barely a boil then take off heat. Here I had a bit of a problem. One recipe I was reading said to put this all in a I did. Only hot hot juice in a blender equals hot hot juice all over your kitchen. Don't do that. Your clean floors will not be sticky and thats not fun. 

3) Pour hot mixture through a fine strainer and take out all the chunkies. 

4) Put bowl of juice/fruit/mint mixture in the freezer until solid. I stirred mine once in a while to make it lose and icy. Next time I will pour into my ice cream maker. I think it will be more sorbet-like that way. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Singing Patty Griffin in the Car Makes my Throat Scratchy

You know when you stop at a red light and look over, and you see the girl/boy in the car next to you belting out some tune and then you laugh?

Don't lie, we ALL laugh at that girl/boy.

That girl? Is totally me. Totally.

My car-driving-alone-time is belting-out-tunes-at-the-top-of-my-lungs-time.

When ever I get out of the car at my destination I always feel refreshed and energized and happy. Like belting out those songs releases all my tension and I just get to be free.

Sometimes I look over at cars passing me on the highway, or I see the person in the car next to me see me singing and I laugh a bit to myself because I know that as soon as they pull away they are going to laugh cause I was singing. But I bet that as soon as they are done laughing they are going to crank up their own radio and belt out a tune of their own. I am sure of it!

I was thinking the other day, there is only one other person I can car-sing with. My sister Jill. We have driven to Langley to go shopping and Seattle to see pioneer woman. Sure we talked a bit, but mostly we just sang and sang and sang. After the Seattle trip I recall having quite the sore and scratchy throat. Probably because we probably sang for 4 hours straight.

It was just fabulous.

My current fav car-belting songs?

Stolen Car or Nobody's Crying by Patty Griffin

and Colder Weather  by Zac Brown Band

Do you sing when you are alone in the car?
What are your fav car singing songs?

Thursday, May 5, 2011


 I am starting my first batch of butter.

I have 12L of milk in my fridge.

I need rennet so I can make cheese.

I will make yogurt tonight.

And more butter.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Life of A Dairy Farmers Wife

This morning I was thinking that I have no idea what to post about. I have 1 million new things going on in my life and apparently nothing to say about any of them. Truth be told, I am tired and over whelmed from all the new things going on and my brain can not put the sentences together in a cohesive paragraph to explain them.

So I am going to make some Pesto Rolls ( recipe to come!) and then some homemade cottage cheese ( that could be a disaster) and then wash my floors and do some laundry.

(ok so I made the pesto rolls and they are delish...the cottage cheese needs a post of its own and the laundry got done but the floors only got swept. another day the washing fairy will come and wipe them clean. I just know it!)

Bed time. its 10:30 and I have a 5am wake up call coming my way.

ps. my husband currently has his finger stuck to a frozen juice can. He is apparently VERY thirsty but has already had soo much water he "has a water belly" so apparently juice is the only 10:35 at night.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A List of Things Just Because :)

1. Easter is over, which means the little fluffy chicks that were my blog background just had to go.

2. I came home from Ontario to a big basket of easter candy hanging on my back door ( thanks mom!)

3. I am currently working on a post chalked full of our Ontario experiences. It was super fun.

4. Today I went grocery shopping at 1:00 and filled up my fridge with veggies and fruit to counter act the chocolate. Said groceries are still on the counter. So I guess I didn't technically "fill my fridge" least not yet.

5. I went to the gym for the first time in a really really long time. It felt good. I watched a show about chocolate on the food network while I worked out. mmm

6. I bought 2 pairs of jeans today for 30 bucks!!! Brand new ones and everything!!

7. My BFF started her own blog just a short time ago! Check her out! She is super fun!

8. The Vancouver Canucks are currently winning 1-0 in the 7th game of the series! This is VERY exciting. 

Thats all :) 
<3 Marie 

8. The V

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Yesterday was our last full day in Ontario. We have been here since Wednesday and are definitely ready to go home. Back to our new house (that we have hardly been in) and back to the busy hectic life that we live. We will start milking cows on our own little dairy operation super soon! and I am sure the hay orders are backed up till next year. You get the drift. We are busy...but we do love it!

So to make the most of our time here we did a lot of great things!
First and foremost, we stayed at The Fairmont Royal York (fancifully oldish) and visited the CBC building down the road to pitch our business to the Dragons Den. It was fantastically fun and I can't wait till I am allowed to tell you all about it (which wont be till it airs on tv sometime next season).

But...just so ya know...this happened. Unloading hay on John Street in downtown Toronto...with a camera crew) 

While we were super down town (CBC and The Fairmont are down town Toronto) we walked the streets and ate at delish restaurants and went shopping in the hugest mall. It was insane. I didn't take any pictures. Oh but I found some that Gary took...on the escalator.

Lovely. My eyelashes look super long :) 

We also went to an Anthropologie! 
Side note...I will never take Gary there again...I on the other hand...plan to return with money to spend :) 
I was KINDA Gary took pictures:

(I have a thing for crossing my legs in pictures these days...)

( I wore my winter, bulky coat the entire was cold I tell ya)

Umm Gary this is getting a little embarrassing...(there are 6 more pictures!)

Ok totally time to stop taking pictures..."Gary STOP taking pictures!"

Then, becuase we were in a fancy, expensive shopping district ( cus thats where anthro was) we saw a fancy car...Gary took a picture.

Apparently Robert form Dragons Den drives a car like this...hes rich...a millionaire...obviously. 
I have no idea what kind of car it is... an expensive one.

Then, we left Toronto (actually the next day) and went to Barrie to visit my aunt Lianne ( who is actually not my aunt...but basically). We didn't take a single picture. But we ate yummy food and talked about food and Gary made us watch a painful hockey game. Then I stayed up till 1:00am watching the food network. It was worth it.

The next day we went to a church in Barrie, Ontario and then drove to Kingston, Ontario. It was SUCH a beautiful day and the drive was amazing! 
We even got to take a fun little ferry! 

We honestly pulled up to this stop sign as the ferry was pulling away from the dock. But that was ok. We took some nice pictures while we waited. 

This was our sweet rental car. Nice and roomy. It even had a fun little thing in the glove box where you put your water bottle and it keeps it cool! Super fun! 

Fun little ferry over a bay in Lake Ontario 

The pictures pretty much end here. I took one in our hotel room in Kingston, but Gary is wears PJ pants and there are clothes and coats and shoes scattered all around. 

All in all, we had a fantastic trip and we are home now! I am really looking forward to getting comfortable in our new house and cleaning it and planting a garden and getting goats and baby chickens. 

Picky? High Maintenance? Asking for Diabetes? You tell me...

I am not a picky eater. I pretty much like everything or at least I will eat anything.
I have a bit of a problem going out to eat though.Mostly if we are going out to eat breakfast. I always tear apart the menu and try and find something I either do not know how to make or I don`t usually make because it is too much work. I am talking about creative pancake options, unreal omelette's, yeast breakfast breads you know...stuff like that. I mean I like regular cereal and oatmeal and pancakes and French toast and eggs and bacon and waffles and all that stuff but when I am paying for it...I want something special.

Ok this totally sounds so High Maintenance.
Its true, I am becoming and bit of a "foodie" what ever that means. I like to search for original restaurants that make cool/homemade/unique things. But I totally will eat at White Spot or Boston Pizza and be totally happy too. If there is a cool/homemade/unique restaurant next door though...that will always always always be my choice!

Today though, I realized that when I am trying to pick a breakfast place I am looking for a place with baked goods...
in other words I want to be able to order a cinnamon bun for breakfast or a piece of  coffee cake or something else laced with sugar.
Unfortunately my dear husband is a bit on the opposite side of the fence. As long as the place has a)Bacon, b) runny eggs c) toast we can eat there.

So now the Canucks game is on ( well it has been on the whole time) and its overtime and I totally do not remember what the entire point of this post was besides the fact that I want to eat cake and sugar for breakfast.

Thankyou for reading my point post. :)

<3 Marie

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dragons Den

So as many of you know, Gary and I flew to Toronto on Wednesday so we could be part of the filming for the 6th season of dragons den! :)
Well this afternoon we walked down to the CBC building and pitched our Hay Sales business to the dragons.
Today was the day! It was super fantastic. Gary and Dan pitched away and I sat watching on a screen shaking like crazy!
I cant tell you anything about anything else :) You will just have to wait to see the episode (if we get on TV that is)

Shoot... I had sooo much more written about all sorts of things but I totally lost it all when I tried to post it becauseeeee the hotel we are at makes you PAY for internet. PAY! We already paid a fortune to stay there and now we have to pay 15 bucks per 24hours for internet. Sheesh. Oh well.....

Gary says " You have so much to say honey, just say it all again...its twice as good the second time."
I beg to differ.

So I think I said something about places to eat in Toronto. Perhaps Bakeries?  I love bakeries. Love Love Love.   I think we may walk 10 blocks now to get doughnuts. Gary does not yet know this.
Then we are going to find somewhere to watch the Canucks game at around 10pm if we can :)

Oh Oh, if you missed it, Chilliwack Times did a story on TNT Hay Sales on Tuesday :) you should read it... Its ridiculous. Gary says crazy things and people laugh and then they put it in the news paper...
Read it here.

They also taped him backstage saying all kinds of crazy things...oh my.

Time to venture out of our room :)
Maybe Ill take pictures of my food from now on. Yum.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog Look Update!

Please bear with me!
I am in the process of updating the look of my blog to suit...ME :)
and about 1 million other things! (literally!)
Hope to be back up and blogging soon soon soon!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Checkerboard Cake

So I am just going to start this off by letting you know that over the next 6 weeks or so my posting ability is going to be quite limited. Or I should say, I think it might be.

I may have mentioned before that my grandparents own a produce-store-that-actually-sells-everything store. And because they sell everything, of course they have a bit of a home baking operation going on. There is a great lady who has been doing the baking (in my grandmas certified kitchen) for 14 years!
14! FYI that is a long time.
Anyways, she broke something in her hand about a week ago and will be wearing a cast for 6 weeks. Obviously somebody has to step in a bake the pies and the bread and the sweet loafs and the cinnamon buns and the muffins and the cookies. Naturally, I offered. So last week I spent 2 days in the kitchen with the broken hand baker and she taught me the ropes. Basically, she doesn't use recipes...and is super woman and can work harder and faster then anyone I know.

I think the whole time she was probably shaking her head at me as my pie dough ripped or my loafs got stuck in the pan or I spill flour/sugar/raspberries/etc. on the floor.
Anyways, I think I can do it, and I think it could be fun. I look forward to when I can do it by myself and crank up the radio and just get in to my baking world ( my favorite place to be! ).
I do have to mention that when her hand is healed, I will not be sad to give her her job back. I am sure it is going to be very tiring.

Especially becauseeeee ( changing the subject completely) Gary and I have to move. Well we don't have to move, but we are moving. We get to start milking cows in May ( wohoo! this is Gary's life long dream) on our own little dairy farm. Only it wont be our own cause we can only afford to rent a barn with a milking parlour etc. In BC it costs a lot to get started milking cows. Most people are either born into a dairy farm one way o another or start with the help of a program in place by the milk board. The problem with the milk board program is that if we put our name on the list...we could easily not get to start milking cows for 20 years!

So I need to stop rambling...but to summarize everything into point form:

a) In may we get to start milking cows ( ahem....12-15 cows...YES I am going to name them!)
b) On april 15th we are moving to a house much closer to the farm we will be renting then the house we live in now
c) I will get to milk cows too ( Sorry I shouldn't say its a pleasure to get up at 5:30 to go milk the cows...but hey..I will get an early start to my day!)
d) I am baking for the next 6 weeks 3 days a week for the Yellow Barn.
e) I am currently baking 2 9x13 cakes to attempt to make a checkerboard cake. Ok I didn't talk about that before but I am now :)

Has anyone ever made a checkerboard cake? Do you even know what it is? Basically you make a chocolate and a vanilla/white cake. and then you cut it in a special way and put the pieces back together to make a checkerboard look when you cut into it.

With that great description I am sure you are all saying OHHHH I get it. or probably not..

This is what the top of mine looked like:

Next time I would have much more yellow icing and not run out so I could do more decorations :)
I did the words by printing a page off the computer in writing that I liked and then placing wax paper on top and basically copying the writing with my melted white chocolate (with a touch of yellow food colouring) 

and THIS was the inside! Surprisingly enough, this is the only actual picture I have of the inside of the cake..
I know, I know, way to be a good blogger. 
But I was cutting and serving and admiring my cake! 

Ok I am sorry this is taking me forever to post! I have been super busy baking for the yellow barn and starting packing our house! :) 

Ps. can I just say, I am sorry I talk so much!
I think its because my husband talks sooo much too that I don't always get to say the millions of things I want to say and so then I end up saying them all on here and I could just write for ages and ages
I am sorry 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Better-Then-Crack Brownies (for real)

Ok, so have you ever made something that is sooo good that you want to eat the whole pan?
I mean, I make things I like all the time, but LOVE and want to eat every last crumb of? That doesn't happen very often, or at least I don't let it happen very often or else I would be 300lbs. by tomorrow.
I have to admit though...3/4 of this pan is gone and I have eaten every last crumb. :)
I made these once before but for somebody else so I only had 1 piece. (thank goodness)
This time I made a 9x9 pan rather then the 9x13 pan that this recipe calls for.
I found this recipe on How Sweet It Is. Which is my new favourite blog by the way. So many delicious treats that look amazing! I have made quite a few and they are always always always delicious!

So you know what this is??

Brownie ( well I actually used chocolate cake but...same difference)
Peanut Butter Cups
Rice Krispies coated in peanut butter, chocolate and butter



and yum

I never know if I should post the recipe here or direct you over to How Sweet blog.. but today I think I am going to post it here...

Better-Than-Crack Brownies

1 - 9x13 size batch, Brownies
1/2 cup Salted Peanuts
1 cup chopped Peanut Butter Cups ( I used 6 cups for a 9x9 and that was plenty)
1 1/2 cup Milk Chocolate chips ( you could totally use semisweet...I used half semi and half milk)
1 1/2 cup Creamy Peanut Butter
1/2 tablespoon Butter
1 1/2 cups Rice Krispie Cereal

1. Bake Brownies till set and basically done.
2. Remove from oven and sprinkle with chopped Peanut Butter Cups and Peanuts. Put back in oven and bake for a few more minutes. Basically till brownie is 100% done and the PB Cups are melting.
3. When they are done, melt Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chips and Butter in a medium sized pot. Stir over medium/low heat until completely melted and combined.
4. Remove from heat and stir in the Rice Krispie Cereal. ( both times I have made this I added about 1/2 cup more cereal. I am sure it doesn't matter but I just like the krispyness :) )
5. Spread over the Brownie base evenly.
6. Chill till the chocolate is set and not goopy or runny. (about 2 hours)
7. YUM eat and share ( so you don't gain 100lbs like me :) )

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Giant Cupcake Re-cap

Remember the giant cupcake cake I talked about earlier this week?
Well, today was the day! (ok I started this on actually Sunday was the day I made it etc)
I baked it up Saturday using my Wilton Cupcake pan. Now I didn't take any pictures of that process...I should have though. Ohhhh my.
See in my test run I only made 1 batch of cake which turned out to be not nearly enough. I needed just over 1 1/2 recipes of the cake batter to fill the pans. And so I made 2 batches of cake and filled up the pans niceee and full. Apparently too full... like pouring out of the pan in a hot stream of goopy cake batter. Anyways it was messy and my oven now needs a good clean.
Anyways, I iced it and decorated it and had a few disasters in the process. Overall I was happy with how it turned out.
I am SUPER critical of myself and everything I make so obviously I could begin to list the things I would have done differently but Julia Child said to never apologize or make excuses, just learn from your mistakes. So thats what I am going to do!

Here is what the final product looked like:

I had sprinkles and all sorts of things to put on it as well, but I started putting sprinkles on and they were just too much. 

Anyways, I can't wait to make another one soon so I can practice my skills! 

Oh I also bought a cake leveler today. 

This one
Only thing I have to learn is to start ordering my Wilton product online. This was about 3 dollars online and I paid 6 bucks in store! I mean 6 bucks isn't much really but 3 is even better!
I had no idea it would be so cheap! My world has been revolutionized! 

OH I also made Shamrock Cookies to sell tomorrow. 
I will post about them before I go to sleep tonight maybe :) 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update... can I just restate the fact the when starbucks starts making a bakery treat its a trend?
( In case you missed it.. I talked about this yesterday...Here!

because you know what happened today?
I went to Starbucks... I haven't been in forever!

They had new mini treats... guess what they were???

Red Velvet Whoppie Pies

Salted Caramel Chocolate Square

Mini Cupcakes

Cake Pops ( SO popular...thank-you Bakerella. )

YES Starbucks now sells cake pops...can you believe it? I couldn't.

They also had a lemon square ( lemon curd was tres popular this winter )
and the mini vanilla bean scones ( scones are sooo up and coming )  ( I know they had these in the USA but not in Canada I don't think...or not in Chilliwack at least! )

I can't even explain to you the feeling I got when I saw those little treats... I almost laughed out loud.

I Love Pillow Talk

Today I noticed that almost all of my posts have been given the Tag Label, `Ramblings`.

Last night my husband said it was good that I had a blog so I could say things I wanted to say on here rather then talk his ear off when he come home from work.

I then procedded to talk his ear off till midnight while he lay in bed trying to fall asleep... I can`t help it. The words flow better when I am laying down.

I <3 Pillow Talk

Thats what Gary calls it.

He doesn't love it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All the Rage

Cupcakes are all the rage these days.
There is  little cupcake bakeries popping up on every corner. 

Even Starbucks has a selection of "fresh" cupcakes topped with an overly generous amount of sickeningly sweet Butter cream icing. 
And we all know that the trend is official once Starbucks jumps on the bandwagon. 

And of course there are other popular things that it seems "everyone" is making. Like smoothies, and macaroons, and salted chocolate/caramel anything, and anything with nutella, and red velvet everything. Don't get me wrong, I am not bashing the many bloggers who are making these things. I love to make them all too! I am totally just stating an observation that I have recently made. Its kinda fun actually to make these things and experiment along with the rest of the baking blog world. Not that I have actually made any of those things and posted them. Though I did make Nutella Chip Cookies which were delish! Did I post about them? I don't remember. Next time I make them I will :) They were so yummy. But let me tell you, making your own chocolate chips out of nutella...not an quick and easy thing to do. 

Anyways...this whole thing about trends actually has nothing to do with what I am going to post about...except that maybe giant cupcakes are becoming a bit of a trend. have heard of this right? Making a huge, jumbo cupcake? In the olden days...people used to use a round glass pyrex bowl and a round equally sized cake pan and put them together to make a big cake that, when iced, looks like a huge cupcake. 

Well times have changed and now...Wilton (and I am sure many other companies) have come up with a much simpler way to pull this fun cake off...

Its the Jumbo Cupcake Pan

Now to the point of the post...

A friend of a friend contacted me a weekish ago asking if I could make one for her sons first brithday. Of course I said YES! 
I received a pan for a wedding present and have seriously been waiting for the perfect occasion to whip out a giant cupcake! I baked a trial version tonight (there is nothing worse then saying yes when you are actually not sure if you can pull it off) and it turned out great!!! I am going to experiential with icing the top tomorrow afternoon. I am thinking either a light blue or green tinted buttercream with maybe a darker strip of colour swirled throughout. ( I learnt a fun and easy technique at a cupcake decorating class a while ago!) Anyways. It should be fun! 

Has anyone else ever made a Giant Cupcake Cake? Any tips? 

PS. We are home from mexico. We got home at 3:00 AM. It is def time for bed. We are super super tanned and had an awesome time! Maybe I will post a picture or two later :) Sleep now.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Ok so we have been greatly delayed for our mexico flight. We were supposed to leave at 10:10 this morning ( aprox 2 hours ago) but we will not leave till 6 pm tonight. Blah! Oh well.
Thank goodness the airport is about 25 minutes max from our house! I almost didnt want to come home because  the house is so tidy! ( well the floors need to be cleaned but i also didnt want to come home because I would feel like I had to do that too.) Well I am home now and I have yet to vacuum or sweep :) . It will be an eventful evening. Gary plans on sleeping. I will read a book.

In all this spare time I think I will share with you a yummy cheese biscuit recipe.

For a wedding shower my sisters and cousins and b)est friend threw for me...they pulled out all the stops including asking each guest to bring their favorite recipe. This was great! I have tones of yummy dinner ideas and I have actually almost all used!
A good friend gave me this recipe for her famous Buttermilk Cheese Biscuits so we will call them:
Carmen's Buttermilk Cheese Biscuits!
I have actually made them a lot of times most recently I have been baking them for my Grandma to sell at her store (The Yellow Barn Country Produce) and they are super yummy especially with soup.

Here is the recipe!

Carmen's Buttermilk Cheese Biscuits

1 3/4 cup Flour
2 tablespoons Sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons Baking Powder
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/4 teaspoon Baking Soda
1/3 cup Butter (Cold)
1 cup Buttermilk
1 cup Grated Cheddar Cheese

1. Mix together all the dry ingredients.
2. Cut in Butter with a pastry blender or a food processor until pea sized.
3. Stir in Cheese.
4. Stir in Buttermilk until moistened
5. Knead dough on a lightly floured surface about 10 times and pat into a 9" circle. Cut into 8 pieces and separate.
6. Bake on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet  at 450 degrees F. for 12-15 minutes until light brown.

Yum! Make these for dinner with soup! Or just eat them warm with butter! 

Sunday, February 27, 2011


My dear dear husband and I are off to a sunny destination in T-minus 13 hours.
The house is a disaster. The bags are less then packed. I am writing a blog post. The said husband told me to write something funny on my blog.
He then said to write about him because he is very very funny.

He is sitting at the kitchen table across from me wearing the swim shorts he needs to pack.

We are also watching the rain man while we pack..or while I pack is more like it.

I need to do the dishes.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


For about 3.5 seconds I thought about posting a deep and thoughtful post about seed and how they are like idea that get planted in your mind and then they grow...

And then I decided not to. Mostly because what I really want to talk about is the fact that I planted seeds!

I planted tomatoes...I know its a terrible idea to try and grow tomatoes from seed...apparently its quite difficult. But me being the gifted and incredibly knowledgeable vegetable grower that I am, I am sure I can handle it. Not. I can barely keep full grown tomato plants alive long enough to provide me with a tasty tomato. Last summer I barely managed! This summer I promise to be different. I will nurture my green thumb and water my plants faithfully and not over water them either! ( my sister, the horticultural expert in this house, says that more people kill plants from over water then under watering... now you know)

I also planted cucumbers, basil (picture below)  My  grandma says basil needs to be warm. Today I put the little mug on the heat register. I think it was happy.

This was a bit the little seeds have sprouted and are waving their tiny leaves in the air. Maybe I will take a new picture. 

This is the container with the tomatoes and cucumbers in it. T is for the first 4 egg cups. They have an orange heirloom tomato breed in them. I had to obviously pick the un-genetically altered brands because well...I like a challenge apparently. Now I am sure you can practically get drought resistant, blight resistant tomatoes...cheaters. 

C is obviously for the cucumber cups and the B is for beefsteak heirloom tomatoes. By the way...the cucumbers and one of the beefsteak tomato plants have sprouted. I replanted the rest of the seeds...they were MIA. 

Oh yeah and obviously the top picture is a yellow pepper.

Have I mentioned I have no idea what I am doing? 

Anyways, I hope they live. I want to grow veggies. 
I tried to grow pumpkins and zuchinni last year...the kid who mowed the lawn at Gary's cut off the flowers haphazardly and so no flowers = no pumpkins or zuchinni

It was sad. I wanted to fire him. But hes 10...and didn't know better. And then I would have to mow the lawn and we have a push mower. This year I will build a little fence. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011


SO I have not posted in forever!

I have been filling my life with all sorts of really good things and as a result spending less time in the kitchen and less time eating!
I needed to seriously evaluate my baking plan before both Gary and I ended up on "The Biggest Loser" , also I have found that I did not enjoy baking when I had to hurry to get it done while it was light out or take a million pictures. So what I think I will do now, is when I make things, I will take a finished product picture and maybe a couple of procedure pictures but not stress too much. I love to bake and cook and I really want to enjoy it!

I also have been trying to make the most of my days  by
 a) spending less time reading other food blogs ( i can easily spend 4 hours reading husband couldn't believe it)
b) cleaning my house
c) making better and healthier suppers
d) going to the gym lots
e) writing to-do lists and actually doing them. I have a propensity to write HUGE long lists and not complete a single thing off of it for days
f) trying to make friends

Anyways, the blog has taken a back seat. I am going to try and get back to blogging a bit more starting now, but I am going to change a few things like posting less, and not worrying so much about readership and more about just writing and talking and being me! For some reason when I first started I had the mentality that this was my job and I needed to be successful and grow to be huge and win blog awards. It was silly, but I think I am back on my feet!

:) Marie

Monday, January 17, 2011

To-do list

Today I have 1 million things to do.

I have 5 things on my to bake/cook list (and I have been having huge kitchen failures lately. Please not today)
and shopping to do and sister-in-laws to visit and parents to visit and a house to clean.

I do love feeling busy though. Its exciting to have so much to do. When I get feeling this productive I just feel like adding things like " go to the gym" , "clean the garage" , "reorganize the closet", "mow the lawn" you know all those sorts of things that just feel so good to get done. Only I do not think there is nearly enough time in a day, ( never mind today) to get all those things done.

By the way, gary and I are going on a ski trip on wednesday. Thats why everything is crazy.

I also bought seeds last week to start my garden in the spring. The lady though I was insane. She did. She thought I was going to go home and plant them! There was snow on the ground! Oh my. Maybe I already shared that story. I feel like I did. Im sorry.

Anyways I have to go do my to-do list. I am going to sweep the flour and make naniamo bars at the same time. I think its possible.

Friday, January 14, 2011

African Chow Mien

(PS. Im sorry, this was night time photography)

I have no idea what makes this dish "African" or what African food tastes like or if they even eat chow mien in Africa. But thats what this dish is called so thats just the way it is.
Basically this is stirfry but with hanburger and cans of condensed soup. Its comfort food in its finest. I love love loved it.

Back in...September I think it was, my sisters and cousins and friend ( ie, my wedding party) threw a hugeee and amazing bridal shower for me. It was great. They made SO much it was insane. They decided that the theme would be...Pioneer Woman. Because I read her site everyday. So naturally all of the food was made from pioneer woman recipes. We had pizza, pasta, salad, stuffed potatoes. I don't even remember it all. but it was delicious. AND my dear bridal party also spent hours on the Pioneer woman website finding funny quotes from her blog and copy and pasting them to a word document. Then they made them look pretty and printed them all out and used them as place cards. I wish I had taken pictures but it was such a surprise and I was so overwhelmed so I didn't take a single picture. I don't know it anybody did. Thats a shame. ( I am so so so so so bad at taking picture of momentous events like that. I always forget. Hence my new years resolution to take more pictures.) But it was a great night. Thank-you bridal party :)
Anyways, my whole point of that long story was to tell you how I acquired this recipe. In the invitations my sisters sent for this fabulous party, they included a recipe card for my guests to write a good recipe on that I might want to cook. That was so so so great because I can bake and make desserts till the cows come home, but dinner ideas are generally a little more tricky. It could be because my husband prefers to eat zero veggies and lots of : a) Bacon, b) Steak, c) Potatoes, d) Grilled Cheese sandwiches, e) Mini Pizzas ( like the McCain frozen ones..yucky) . He will eat anything I make though...mostly. Carrots are an absolute no go. He even picks them out of soup!
Anyways, a goood friend of mine, Kristi, wrote this recipe on my card. I think it was her mom's recipe. And then the other night I was so so so so so hungry (because I generally forget to feed myself if Gary isn't home)  and I was grummmpyyy and tired and really wanted some sort of comfort food. I was searching food blogs with no success and we have decided to not eat out for a while or order in. So we were going to starve or Gary was going to whip out the grill to make some gilled cheese sandwiches. I did not want to eat a grilled cheese sandwich. Then I remembered back in the day when I didn't rely on food blogs for recipe ideas and flipped open my recipe box. Tada! Great dinner ideas, that I know I like and that I know how to make. YAY. I found Kristi's recipe card and then jumped in car and went to the store to grab some chicken soup and some chow mien noodles. The evening just went up from there.

This is super easy! and yummy and warm and creamy and the prefect thing when you just want to lay on the couch and watch a movie or veg and read a book. If you keep chow mien noodles on hand, you probably have almost everything to make this for dinner tonight.
I served this with rice and a spinach salad ( with orange pieces, crasins and balsamic dressing) and french bread broiled with butter and some Parmesan cheese. It was delish and fast and yummy.

I say yummy waaayyy too much.

I have lots to say today, I am sorry. I am home alone this morning. I called my husband but he was busy...apparently he had to work or something...
Yesterday I talked so much, my jaw was sore when I went to bed. For real.

I just about posted this recipe without actually including the recipe. Haha.

African Chow Mien

1 lb Ground Beef/Hamburger Meat
1 medium Onion
2-3 Celery stalks
1 cup mushrooms ( or 1 cup or mushrooms)
1 tablespoon oil

1 can Condensed Mushroom Soup (284ml, 10 oz)
1 can Chicken Noodle Soup ( 284ml. 10 oz)
1-2 tablespoons Soya Sauce
1/2 bag Chow Mein Noodles. ( My bag was 397grams and I used about 1/2)
Salt and Pepper to taste

1) Fry up the first 5 ingredients in a large frying pan. Cook until meat is no longer pink and onions and celery are soft and opaque.
2. Add soups, soya sauce and salt and pepper. Mix in Chow Mien noodles. Cook till noodles are soft. ( I put a lid on my fry pan and that helped it cook faster.)
3. Serve over rice. (we did that the first night but the left overs we are without rice and they were just as good!)