Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update... can I just restate the fact the when starbucks starts making a bakery treat its a trend?
( In case you missed it.. I talked about this yesterday...Here!

because you know what happened today?
I went to Starbucks... I haven't been in forever!

They had new mini treats... guess what they were???

Red Velvet Whoppie Pies

Salted Caramel Chocolate Square

Mini Cupcakes

Cake Pops ( SO popular...thank-you Bakerella. )

YES Starbucks now sells cake pops...can you believe it? I couldn't.

They also had a lemon square ( lemon curd was tres popular this winter )
and the mini vanilla bean scones ( scones are sooo up and coming )  ( I know they had these in the USA but not in Canada I don't think...or not in Chilliwack at least! )

I can't even explain to you the feeling I got when I saw those little treats... I almost laughed out loud.


  1. If you get a cake pop, I'll get one too. :)

  2. Deal. I kinda wanna try one. Rocky road perhaps? Have you ever made the homemade ones before Emily?

  3. I have seen all Starbucks' new treats but haven't tried any yet. I didn't see the mini vanilla bean scones in Toronto, but they sound delicious!