About Me

For ages I have been planning on starting a baking/cooking/everyday experience's blog but no time ever seemed like the right time. After recently getting married, (ah 30 days ago...today) and my life at a sudden and welcomed lull, now finally seemed like the right time.

My goal is to post at least 2 or 3 recipes a week with what ever images possible. Hopefully my food photography will progress quicker then my ability to make cookies without eating too much dough.

Oh! so who am I?
You see this was a tough question I had to answer, do I follow in the foot steps of other bloggers (like pioneer woman) and keep the name of my husband a secret and come up with a fun nickname for him or not? You see I would keep it all a secret, but I am just not clever enough to come up with a good nickname. So my name is Marie and my husband is Gary. haha :)

This is me and gary about 2 weeks before our wedding. The picture is not that great because we are sitting on the tractor waiting for the manure tank to fill up. The fall harvest was almost down but the cover crop had to get planted before we got married basically. Why I thought it was ok to be sitting on the tractor at midnight 14 days before my wedding when I had about 1 million things to do, I do not know. Gary is also looking a bit rough...yikes. Compare this to the wedding picture...he looks somewhere in the middle of those two. haha Not as perfect as the wedding pic, but not as rough as the tractor pic.

You can just SEE the stress on my face.

We have been married for a very short amount of time and are only just beginning the exciting and no doubt challenging adventure of marriage. It has been interesting already learning to live together and finding gods plan for our life together!

Gary has a great business selling hay. If you are a horse lady/girl/man/boy and live in the Fraser Valley area we would love to sell you hay, haha. I am a shameless advertiser.

Anyways, thats a bit about me and us. I hope you will stay with me while I learn a bit about life, food and blogging!

- Marie

PS. UM I forgot a lot of things...

1) I love to eat chocolate.

2) I love baby goats
ohh sorry about the bum shot. He wouldn't look at the camera. 
Ps. What you don't know is that Gary and I were supposed to be on our way to have a nice date night the night this picture was taken. Then gary called me ( he was milking cows) and said somebody had to come and teach these goats how to drink. So I drove over there all dressed up ( seriously) and threw on my coveralls. I smelled like goats for the rest of the night. But goats are cute right? SO cute!