Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dragons Den

So as many of you know, Gary and I flew to Toronto on Wednesday so we could be part of the filming for the 6th season of dragons den! :)
Well this afternoon we walked down to the CBC building and pitched our Hay Sales business to the dragons.
Today was the day! It was super fantastic. Gary and Dan pitched away and I sat watching on a screen shaking like crazy!
I cant tell you anything about anything else :) You will just have to wait to see the episode (if we get on TV that is)

Shoot... I had sooo much more written about all sorts of things but I totally lost it all when I tried to post it becauseeeee the hotel we are at makes you PAY for internet. PAY! We already paid a fortune to stay there and now we have to pay 15 bucks per 24hours for internet. Sheesh. Oh well.....

Gary says " You have so much to say honey, just say it all again...its twice as good the second time."
I beg to differ.

So I think I said something about places to eat in Toronto. Perhaps Bakeries?  I love bakeries. Love Love Love.   I think we may walk 10 blocks now to get doughnuts. Gary does not yet know this.
Then we are going to find somewhere to watch the Canucks game at around 10pm if we can :)

Oh Oh, if you missed it, Chilliwack Times did a story on TNT Hay Sales on Tuesday :) you should read it... Its ridiculous. Gary says crazy things and people laugh and then they put it in the news paper...
Read it here.

They also taped him backstage saying all kinds of crazy things...oh my.

Time to venture out of our room :)
Maybe Ill take pictures of my food from now on. Yum.


  1. They taped Gary backstage saying crazy things? You are bound to get on TV now :)

  2. That's awesome!

  3. Oh if we do, you will see me in the background laughing/hiding in horror/disbelief at the things he is saying/doing.